Villa Manipura Gallery - Koh Chang Island Thailand



Nestled between towering mountains and lush tropical rainforest lies a bay with crystal-clear waters and two breathtaking beaches, including the most beautiful on Koh Chang Island. Marvel at stunning sunrises and sunsets in this idyllic location.

Villa Manipura Gallery with 360° view

Koh Chang’s pristine nature

Koh Chang offers a breathtaking blend of pristine beaches, thriving coral reefs, and lush underwater life. Explore the lush vegetation and stunning waterfalls, take a refreshing dip in natural swimming pools after a trek, and witness the island’s thriving orchards and rubber plantations. Discover the rich wildlife, including various species of monkeys, aquatic turtles, and the unique Koh Chang frog, found only on the island. View it all in our Villa Manipura gallery.

Koh Chang’s best beaches

The majority of Koh Chang’s inhabitants and most beautiful beaches are located on the western side of the island. In the far northwest, discover Chang Noi Beach, considered the most beautiful and unspoiled of them all. White Sand Beach, the island’s most popular and visited city, offers the best shopping and dining options, including restaurants, bars, and discos. In the southwest, explore Bang Bao with its 100-meter-long bridge, home to fishing boats, dive boats, and tour boats, as well as numerous restaurants and shops. Visit Salak Peth, a charming and authentic fishing village barely touched by tourism, located in the southeast. Experience the secluded beauty of Long Beach, accessible by boat or an adventurous drive, on the east coast.

This resort features three restaurants, a pool bar, two expansive infinity pools, a Pitch&Putt golf course, and a water sports center for all your leisure needs.